The blogosphere is buzzing with talk of junk drawer and cupboard cleaning.  Well . . . I hate to be a braggart but my cupboards are pretty tidy.  See?

One thing was bugging me though.  Because we bought a 5 gallon bucket-o-paint (plus another gallon) when we moved in and drenched every paint-able surface in a crisp clean white, it should come as no surprise that the inside of the kitchen cupboards got the same paint job.  But I was so eager to put stuff away, I didn't let the paint cure properly (it was soooo humid here then) and the paint came on in some spots.  See?

Note to self: let paint dry before filling cupboards

So, along with everyone else doing drawer and cupboard makeovers, I emptied out the cupboards.  Oops.  No room to cook.  Shucks.  Pizza it is!

 . . . And in the process spilled a bunch of sugar

P.S. See more kitchen pics here and here

Ta da!  Nice new paint job.  Everyone is doing pretty liners and fun colours.  Not crappy is good enough for me!

After - fresh new paint!

As an added bonus, we fixed some random gap-action (aesthetic prob only) with some caulking.  See?


After - hooray for caulking

With flash - is it any clearer?

And that's it!  Hmmmmmm, the no longer crummy but maybe not note-worthy project is kind of a theme for me (see here for my microwave spruce).  In general we've been doing little teeny jobs around the house.  Like the half bath spruce.  I can't do any super involved projects until my exams are finished (one more month) because I don't want to get distracted.  Have you done any simple jobs around your home recently that may not have sizzle but have tons of steak (in your eyes, at least)?

Once spring rolls around we're tackling the big bad basement and the garage.  Huge projects we've put off.