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Anti-aging crèmes, serums and facials are becoming more popular as baby boomers struggle to maintain their youth. They are also the priciest of cosmetic products. The makers of these cosmetics would have you believe they’re as heavily researched and tested as pharmaceuticals but, usually, they’ve gone through only a single clinical trial before they hit the market.

The most expensive skin care product is RéVive’s Intensité Volumizing Serum. RéVive was founded by Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, the plastic surgeon who pioneered the use of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor, a bioengineered molecule) in skin care products in 1989. The Intensité Volumizing Serum works under the skin using another such molecule called KGF (Keratinocyte Growth Factor). According to the product description, the expensive serum “augments the subtle loss of facial volume and plumps trouble areas”. The most expensive skin care product in the world retails for $600 per ounce.

Other expensive anti-aging cosmetics include Tracie Martyn’s resculpting facial, which employs a device that delivers electrical currents to the muscles of the face and retails for a mere $175 per ounce, and Clè de Peau’s Beautè La Crème, which includes a silver spatula and retails for $475 per ounce.

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