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ssssst.... I have a crush. A chair crush. Soren is its name. It's sleek, vintage inspired and contemporary all at once. It goes in a dining room, a bedroom or a hallway. Wow. It's hawwt. I love. : ) When the hubs walked in last night holding the Room & Board catalog, I cheesed from ear to ear. Cleeeeearly I was happy to see him... but the R & B catalog was just an added bonus. : ) I quickly snagged it from his hands and set it on my desk. On the cover? The Soren chair you see above. Um... hello? Niiiice. Great way to get my attention R&B! I love this chair! It's versataile and goes well in our mid-century/boho decor! Score! Of course... it's priced at (are you sitting down? Then again... if you're not sitting in a Soren it doesn't really matter)... $449. And, um... no... that is not for a set of six. That's for one. : ) But... a great chair it is. For now, however... it shall go in my inspiration file in a land called laptop world.

I sure hope you are all having a beautiful start to the week. : ) I was a total bum all weekend. I laid around and did nothing on Saturday. My poor hubs. Just had to sit there and watch his wife letting herself go in her pajamas all day. What must he have thought? : ) Sunday we just went to church and lunch and then I grocery shopped. Exccciiiiting stuff! Actually, it is exciting and I'll tell you why. Our dog Luke has been torturing us lately because he figured out how to jump the baby gate we installed for him not to get out of the bonus room. Soooooo.... I outsmarted him! See below... granted... not the best decor piece in the house. An eye sore, in fact. But... hey... it does the trick. : )

Mommy... we is not amused... : (

Especially being that it's Cocoa's 7th Birthday today! Definitely not amused! My baby boy. He's 49! Older than his mommy. Only with pets can such a freak thing happen. Happy Birthday Cocoa!

Cocoa... the birthday boy... : )

Happy Decorating!