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've been itching for a new look in our dining room for some time now. I mean... what the H was I thinking when I bought our current dining room set?? I was in a cottage, country hellish frame of mind at the time and even bought some stuff with cows on it for my kitchen. Yes, I did. I know... blasphemous. Whoever thought there was actually decor rehab out there? Thank you God for Apartment Therapy and the long hours of restorative therapy they provided me for many many hours late at night a few years ago. Alas... I've been healed. Halleluyah. No, seriously. Not even kidding. The horror... oy vei! So... I've been healed. My taste has improved (at least I think so... I mean... someone's gotta blow some smoke up my butt! Then again, I am the chick who bought cow decor for her kitchen, so what the heck do I know?)... but, I'm stuck with the hideous country table with pedestal base and windsor chairs. (I'm sorry if you own a pedestal table with windsor chairs and have been offended. Don't take it personally. I'm sure yours is much nicer than mine). : ) For now, I suppose I can just dream and clip pictures out of magazines and blogs. What am I dreaming about? Well, I'm glad you asked. : ) Alrighty then... here it goes! I would looooove a Danish modern wood dining table. I would add some bertoia wire chairs or eames fiberglass bucket chairs with eiffel tower base. I wouldn't mind Danish modern style wooden chairs either (although I'm particular about those. I don't like all of the styles out there... some look too "office-ey" to me). Anywho... I love mixing metal and wood. So, finding an awesome DM wood dining table or an old, beat up farm table and mixing it with wire chairs, would probably make me happy go lucky. : ) Yes... I'm dreaming up dinner parties at our home with our friends. Candles lit. Yummy food prepared. Wine poured in our AWESOME new Anthropologie wine glasses. ((sigh)). Until then, however, I'll just go about my day and dream, dream away.
Okay... I have GOT to get packing for the Alt Summit stat!! Oh ish! What should I wear? Should I get a haircut and color before I head out? Crap! I better go think and plan now!! Until tomorrow lads!
Happy Decorating!
P.S. If you've been pondering cows for your kitchen... slowly step awaaaaaay from the cows. Cows belong behind wire fences in nice, big fields known as farms.