So, I'm sitting in the townhouse fiddling on the computer.  I was cropping a picture for a previous post about our wedding anniversary (see here).  Basically, I removed the fella who drove our rented vintage jag because I realized he might not want to be on my blog.  But then I started playing and look what I can do:

BEFORE (I took this from a moving bus)


I don't know that my fiddling made this photo I snapped in Lisboa, Portugal better but it suuuuure is different.  It almost feels like cheating.  This may be super basic to everyone but I am not a techie so this is pure awesomeness to me.  It opens up a whole new world of DIY art.  Check this out:



So, maybe I'm a bit heavy handed on the "saturation" button.  But I'm so jazzed.  Now I can take the so-so pictures we like and turn them into something we love.  We've framed our photography before, but I just hope for the best when I snap the pic and then choose from our shots.  Have you made any fabulous "fixes" to your photographs?