Since the fire, I've been researching fire prevention (see here, here, here & here for my better sources - the last link is the best of the best) & I've noticed some definite themes.  Here is my condensed list of tips for fire prevention (with pictures!):

Threats & Solutions:
1.   Cooking
- Don’t leave your stovetop or oven unattended
- Keep a grease fire extinguisher nearby (or lots of baking soda)
- In the event of a grease fire, do not use water - put on the pot lid or cover with lots of baking soda or use the grease fire extinguisher, but if you cannot control it right away - evacuate

Tanya Tip:  I use a timer to remind me that things are cooking, because I don't trust myself not to wander off and forget.  Especially with things that need to simmer.
Note near stove
Try making a cute reminder for beside the stove.

2.   Heating (esp. space heaters)
Don’t leave space heaters unattended
- Keep space heaters away from curtains and furniture
- Have your heating system & fireplace inspected – it is worth the coin & hassle (Some companies will send you a reminder notice)
- For other wood burning fireplace folks, I found a great article describing how and when your chimney needs to be cleaned.  Check it out here.

Tanya Tip:  I bought a great space heater at Costco.  It makes a horrible, un-ignorable sound if tipped over while on.

My "Presto Heat Dish" - although mine is black.

3.   Smoking
- Quit! (And have more money for décor)
- Or, smoke outside and make sure cigarettes are safely disposed


4.   Electrical/Wiring
- Have your wiring checked and don’t do bad DIY electrical work (I know you’re so tempted)
- Don’t overload a circuit by plugging in too many items
- Use the correct wattage in light fixtures, especially ceiling fixtures

Tanya Tip:  Be extra careful with vintage lamps.  Check the condition of the wiring carefully & when in doubt pick up a DIY re-wiring kit, or ask a pro to do it for you.

Check the wires on vintage lamps!

5.   Candles
 - Don’t leave candles unattended (I sense a theme - attend to everything!)

Tanya TipMy grandmother once used a wooden candle holder and, no surprise, it caught on fire.  Be careful about the candle holder you choose - try to pick something that keeps the candle contained, like the DIY candle holder below:

Find instructions here

6.   Dryer Lint
- It can be hard to remember, but clean it out (make a pretty reminder sign, if needed)
- The more you rely on line-drying (I have one in my basement & in our previous apartment, I used a collapsible drying rack) the less of a concern dryers become

Tanya Tip:  Need incentive? Dryer lint can be added to homemade paper.  Seriously. I’ve tried it and it works super well, especially if you put lots of reds into the dryer.  Or, make a sculpture (see below). 

Make a lint sculpture - learn how here

Did you pick up any new tips here?  What are some tips of your own?