suitcase by OysterPearlVintage - $20

luggage set by GetReadySetGO - $84.95

green suitcase by ironhoney - $30

extra large carry on bag by thevintagetreehouse - $24.50

American Tourister bag by vintagebitsandpieces - $69

just can't believe that I am only a few hours away now from boarding a plane to the Alt Summit Design Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wow! Goin' to Utah Ma! : ) Soooo excited!! Like... nervous excited, ya know? Hoping I meet some amaaaaazing people!! I know I will. No doubt about it. So... anywho... couldn't leave without posting Etsy Tuesday for the week. Figured I'd stick with a travel theme... given the festive ocassion and all. : ) Hope you enjoy the suitcases and travel bags. I will try my verrrrry best to post again this week from the Summit, but I can't promise you anything. However, I will be regularly updating and posting to my Twitter page, so you can check up on me there. I'll keep you posted on all the delicious details! No worries... I'll try to keep things like "I'm tying my shoes right now" out of my Twitter feed. Hopefully it'll sound more like " I just hugged Seth Aaron and he just told me how he regularly reads my blog and is a HUGE fan of mine and I'm just so awesome and on and on he went and just wouldn't shut up about how amazing I am.." : ) Here's to wishin' and hopin'! Okay ya'll! Wish me luck. Pray for blessed and safe travels. Even though I fall asleep like a valium victim on airplanes, I still get a tad nervous on them. So, any and all prayers are greatly appreciated, thank you. See you soon with pictures!!
Happy Decorating!