tweed bag by ikabags- $64.72

tote by ikabags - $59

tote by DrikaB - $71

tote by cielorosa - $35

satchel by paco and lupe - $148

bike tote bag by ikabags - $64.72

erhaps it's because I've been travelling so much in the past year, but I have a crush on cute travel/tote bags. Also, it doesn't matter where I'm going, I always feel like I'm lugging around a ton of stuff! Then, I try to minimize what's in my bag and I end up with the same heavy stuff in it!! So, I figure... if I'm going to be walking around with a hurt shoulder, I may as well do it with a cute tote. Here are my Etsy picks for the week. It's hard to pick a fave for sure. But, I must admit that my heart beats a little faster with Paco and Lupe's chevron style patterned bag. : ) Anyone headed to the Altitude Summit Design Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah next week?? I hope I get to meet some of you there! I'm super excited about it and just cannot wait to meet so many amazing bloggers!! Did you know that Project Runway's Seth Aaron will be one of our speakers??? Ah! I loved him!!! I rooted for him week after week!! So... my goal? To get a picture with him, of course!!! : ) Be back soon with Bohemian Wednesday...
Happy Decorating!