One thing Braxton and/or I have mentioned here is our desire to be method designers.  By our own definition a method designer is one who completely embraces their own style, whatever that may be, and allows it to influence all the corners of their life.  We , as mentioned before, are all about the mid century aesthetic, and as much as I desire to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk" it has not been as easy as we thought. 
So, when the latest issue of In Style arrived, I was completely blown away by Ms. Teese and her thoroughness when it comes to her personal style.  In case you don't know, she is a burlesque dancer and clearly a lover of all things 1940's glamorous.  I have never seen her act, and I probably never will, but oh my gosh I am so inspired by her right now. 

 I'm not exactly in love with her decor, its waaay too dark for my taste, not to mention the wrong decade, but are you seeing how she incorporates her exotic image into her home?
 I could actually fall in love with this kitchen and all of its pepto bismol glory.
 She never slips up.  Perfectly Dita.
I'm thinking of others whom I would consider method designers;  Ralph Lauren (obviously), Betsy Johnson, Jack White, Baz Luhrman.... I'm sure there are many more.
How far do you take your personal style?
Do you think it's important to incorporate your style into all aspects of your life?
Where can I find some mod clothes??
Have a great weekend everyone.