Part II in the series. Love these consoles! Had too many in my archives to share last time in a single post, so here are the rest of them. It seems Danish Modern had it's heyday in the 50s but still influences designs today.

Look for a sculptured feeling with graceful curves, smooth, tapered legs and unadorned surfaces, a lack of ornamentation in the design.

Created originally by Danish craftsmen in the 30s aka "Swedish Modern", this style was later produced by US furniture factories for a public hungry for more...

Sleek, simple

Elegant, clean, light on its feet

Love sliding doors, asymmetry with balance

Console with hutch

Tambour - sweeeet!

Dig the glass here - very modern
Cool cantilevered approach

Nice rounded legs, top, wood handles...

Very clean and sophisticated

Rich finish reminds me of one we bought recently- nice!