Comic Book Art

Heroic addition to Mid-Century Mod Décor

I have loved comic books since I was a yard ape. Since then, I’ve totally crunched on comic book movies – Iron Man, Batman, The Incredibles. Hey, some are lame, but some totally ROCK!

Yancey endures these movies without much complaint on boy-movie-night by falling asleep half way through the opening scene, which seems to take most of the testosterone sting out for her. Good Night Darling. So I mix another G&T, grab some chips and soak up the eye candy.

Comic book art is a great addition to mid-century mod room décor. It’s pulpy, it has fantastic saturated color and heroic action. It can be sexy, and it vibes the Pop Art scene that is also a perfect companion for these roomscapes – see my Lichtenstein post.

Instead of just showing you the art pics, through the magic of electronica, Mr.Technowizard has masterfully inserted some great images into a standard white room setting to tell the story. What do you think? It ROCKS right?  Decorgasmic! Hope you enjoy.

Shine on you Crazy Diamond! Braxton

This is how my friend Ralph Lauren rocks the Comic vibe in his home

Experimentation in Comic Decor to Follow... 


Yikes! Spidey on the wall! Honey get a newspaper.
Cool look. Probably needs red pillows, black lampshades, or a rug that pulls the color. What do you think?

Don't know who this guy is. WTFman?

WTFman in your living room. All of these need to pull some color elsewhere to rock.

Chicks dig the Supers!

Fem eyecandy?

Cat fight! Whoa!

Cat fight in the den

Scary Joker

Going to get plenty of ACTION on this couch, I'll wager...  :)

The Narcoleptic Bat

The Bat cave

Bad Kitty!

Bad Kitty on the sofa

Scary giant aqua Fem?

Aqua Fem in the apartment. All of these rooms need some work but the wall art ROCKS! Very subtle :) Which one do you like best? I can't decide.
Let's color outside the lines with Home Decor. Now that's the Damn Happy!

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