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ou know... I'm honestly glad, for my own sake and my husband's sake, that I have a full time job to keep me busy... because if I didn't, I'd probably spend a lot of time doodling away on white paper creating images such as the ones above. Which I used to do each and every time my mom used to drag me to her office on days off from school. I should have saved those masterpieces. Oh well. That's okay. Thankfully, now I can just go online and find pretty images to drool over and feature for your happy delight on Bohemian Wednesday. Images such as the ones above can serve as a wonderful inspiration to you when doing something in your space. Whether it's the color, the style or the movement insinuated by the image. Either can move you to create a hip and boho chic space that looks vintage yet modern. It's important to avoid looking so vintage that you end up looking like a time capsule! Yikes! I've seen that before. Like the giant orange hand seat. Um... stay away from the giant orange hand seat. Please. Just sayin'. It ain't cool. It just ain't. So, now that we've clarified the orange hand situation... keep it authentic, but crisp and mixed in with modern details. Find inspiration in catalogs from shops such as Urban Outfitters or CB2. They do a terrific job at mixing the two styles. Look through Flickr albums and get ideas from others who decorate their spaces with the same aesthetic. Another idea, which I love to do, is to visit your favorite local vintage boutiques and check out their selection. Boutique dealers are usually a fountain of knowledge on how to mix the two styles. Of course, they're busy people and you don't want to take too much of their time. : ) So... make sure you keep it simple. : ) Alrighty then... I hope you are all having a beautiful day and an even more beautiful week. It's Wednesday! Which means... one day closer to Friday and that is always good news!!
Happy Decorating!