have a bit of a weak spot for Pier 1 Imports. I haven't been there in quite some time because I'm usually perusing the Internet, Anthro or local vintage boutiques and such. But, I visited a friend recently and fell head over heels over the pillows on her couch! Wow! I said "Hey!! Where did you find these? They're AWEsome!" She said: " Um... Pier 1. On sale too. I thought about it and then... I just got 'em. Why? You like 'em?" I said: "Uh huh..." as I nodded my head with what could only be described as problably a pretty dumb look on my face. So, as I thought about that moment this evening I remembered I should peek into their website and see what they've got. As you can see from the pics above, I found some pretty nifty items perfect to feature for Bohemian Wednesday. I understand it's Friday night right now as I type this up. But, unfortunately, I had a pretty rough week. I was preeeeetty sick Tuesday and Wednesday and couldn't really do much of anything. Ugghhh... terrible. But, thankfully I am okay now. : ) I was reeeeaaaaally hoping to post the first "10Corners" yesterday. But again, it got pushed back because it was... my birthday!! See below...

Husband: "Surprise!!!"

Me: "Yes!! Cake!! Wait... how many calories is this??"
Yep... got caught in my pajamas as I was surprised by my hubby with a lovely dinner and b-day cake! : ) Best birthday EvEr!! Loved it! : )

So! Next week I will do my very best to post all week. We'll see though, cause I'll be hanging out in cold as heck SLC, Utah for the Altitude Summit Design Conference! I'm so stoked!! Can't wait to come back and share it all with you!! Plus, I'm sure I'll meet some pretty fabuloso design bloggers that I'll have the honor to introduce you to. Well, that'll do it for me this week. I will post again Monday. It's MLK day!! You know what that means?? Day off!! Woot! Woot! Okay... I won't gloat too much. Nighty night all... and happy, happy Friday (even though it says Wednesday @ the top of this post). ; )

Happy Decorating!