All photos via The Domino Magazine Files on Flickr


hen I was younger (in high school), I used to make my mom buy me magazines... all the time! Then, in my twenties I became obsessed with watching all the decorating shows on HGTV. Now, I peruse the Net for pictures of beautiful spaces to get my fix. : ) Today, I stumbled upon The Domino Magazine Files on Flickr. A group dedicated to posting pictures from the late Domino Magazine (R.I.P.)... Check it out here! Nothing like some eye candy to inspire you in your own space. Looking at beautiful spaces, not only inspires me to try something new... but it kicks my butt into high gear in the cleaning and organizing department!! I've been struggling lately with organizing paperwork. You know what I'm talking about... all those annoying healthcare receipts and important tax documents, etc... that clutter up your desk. All I want to do is ball them all up into a giant pile and put them through the shredder. But... I must be a responsible adult and keep them all. So... I've got to come up with a good organized method for doing that. I guess that's my first goal this year. Then, I can drool over the pictures above and think about re-doing a room. Only then...

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week. : ) I went to the beach today and hung out with my bff and godson. Snapped a couple of pics... check them out...

Whatdya think eh? Future photography career??? Hmnnnnn??? ; ) Well, I try anyway!
Happy Decorating!