The lovely gift "basket" we were greeted with at registration. Isn't it lovely?

Some of the items in the gift lunchy boxy thingy magig we got (that I looove). There was more stuff, but it's already found a home in our house. This picture is of my desk. I was spreading some of the cute stuff out and just admiring it. : )


s I reviewed all of my Alt Summit 2011 notes today, I felt like I should have been more on my game and been taking better notes!! There was so much to learn and I wish I could have gobbled it allll up and brought back ooodles and ooodles of notes. But, then again... I was never the greatest student. To this day it is a grand mystery to me how I've made it through multiple degrees in a successful manner with more than decent grades. Complete and utter mystery. Well, nevertheless... here are some notes. Okay. In the last re-cap I went over "Growing Your Community." You can see the notes for that post here. That was the first class I took on Day 1 of Alt. Now I will give you my notes for the second class I took on Day 1...

"Advertising Beyond The Banner"

Sponsored by HGTV

Taught by: Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind; Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Picks and Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl.

This class was pretty much about how to attract sponsors, what kind of information sponsors look for when considering advertising on your blog and how to measure your worth as a blogger. Here are some tips given to us by the amazingly talented panel:

  • Seasonality is important with ads. Sponsors can be based on seasons.
  • Sponsor and be sponsorable.
  • Measure your digital footprint. Know your unique hits and specifit metrics.
  • Have a press page for your blog.
  • Know thyself and what sponsors align well with your blog's message.
  • Disclose when promoting a sponsored product.
  • Consider having sponsored events.
  • Remember that advertisers are people too when pitching to them.
  • Pitch to your passions.
  • Know your worth.
  • Foster e-mails from PR firms.
  • Research posted ad rates on complimentary blogs.
  • Contact bloggers for advice on ad rates. Most bloggers would be happy to help guide you.
  • Have a media kit right away.

So there you have it folks! The rest of the day on Day 1 I took an Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator class taught by Alma Loveland of Ollibird. Um... awesome teacher. Me? Not so awesome. Lost. Most of the time. Found my way though. Eventually... figured it out. Was quite proud of myself in the end.

That'll probably be the extent of my Illustrator career for now, I'm afraid. I'd love to learn more. But the hefty Illustrator price tag will keep that dream at bay for the time being. I hope you all have had an awesome week. As for me? I'm looking forward to a restful weekend. I will post Alt 2011 Day 2 and 3 over the course of the weekend. Good night all...
Happy Decorating!