These days, one must fly
-but where to?
without wings, 
without a plane, 
to fly 
without doubt:
Steps have now passed by 
to no avail, 
they did not 
lift the feet
of the passenger. 
Pablo Neruda
January 11th marks the beginning of my new year. It is the anniversary of the passing of my Dad and the end of a very tumultuous year. In almost every sense, my life was turned upside down and inside out. In fact, I spent much of that time avoiding this blog; because I couldn't bring myself to express all that was going on.
Funny enough, I feel 2010 was a very difficult time for many, many people, not  just me. Because of that, I have spent ALOT of time soul searching and in prayer. I've been trying to answer the question, "Now what?"
One very good thing about trying times, is that you often come out of them stronger and more grounded. Thankfully, I feel that is true for me at this time.
So, why am I saying all this; you might ask. Partly, to explain where I was last year and partly to begin a new year of change.
I will be making changes to this blog that match the changes in my life. I am a very different person than when I first began Carolina Eclectic so I have to express different ideas.
I will still write about interior design, just in a slightly different manner. I will also write about art and explore where creativity comes from.
I want to understand how design can be used to express your true inner-self and to uplift your soul. Also, I have been allowing myself to branch out into other creative endeavors that I have always loved, but felt intimidated by. More on this later.
Another change I am making is to my secondary blog, Random Thoughts. I have ignored it even more than this one! The truth is, "Random Thoughts" was a sort of love letter to my Daddy. I wanted to post things I thought his eccentric sense of humor might enjoy, but because of his long illness; could not.
So, when he passed, my inspiration for it seemed to die too. I've decided to officially put it to rest. I'm going to leave it up, but I just don't know what to say anymore.
In its place, I began a Tumblr site. Taking a line from this poem, I called it "A Volar". Which means, "To take flight". That's what I hope to do this year. Soar with hope and newly found inspiration:) I really have been enjoying it! In it I can express my own eccentric ideas freely. If I could open up my mind for everyone to see, I think it would look like this site. So, stop on by if you like.
Okay, thanks for those of you who bothered to read all this and thanks to all of you who kept reading throughout such a tough year. I pray that 2011 will be brighter for all of you, too!

P.S. I will be taking tomorrow off. It is New Year's day, after all!