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Design Don’ts

Like the poster says, perhaps these designs were created to serve as a warning to others…

Yancey and I love beauty and seek out great design for inspiration. Sometimes we see some terrible SH****T though and just shake our heads. You’ve seen them too --the failed attempts at designing a great mailbox, a car, shoes, a toy, home décor.

WTF design is wonderfully tragic – and with each design tragedy we see an opportunity to redesign it beautifully, functionally, and with new innovation. That excites us as designers.

Each of us has our own idea of beauty, but I think there are just some things most people pretty universally say are beautiful – like the Taj Mahal or Michaelangelo’s David, and some are so awful, so terrible we say to ourselves OMG!

The following pictures are of the OMG variety.

Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton
OMG! What WERE the designers thinking when they designed this toy for children?

These design atrocities are have sprouted up like daisies in our neighborhood over the past few years. Clunky, awkward, unsightly - I am assuming the no rust plastic and the easy to install deal are the selling points, but DAMN, nice addition to the burbs mate!

There are no words...

When Ford bought out the Jaguar line, they wanted to put their mark on this once proud, sleek, sexy car - wanted to make it say FORD P.O.S., so they put toilet seat grill on the hood. Sweeeet!

Enough said. Assuming the designer or the artist has a sense of humor here.

For that sweet, homey, tolerant, we're one big family feeling...


The brand says it all - Ugg! Again, clunky, awkward, Frankenfeet

WTF! Assuming someone either asleep at the licensing wheel at Disney or has a sense of humor.

Sometimes bad design can linger....

I've forgotten most of the Spanish I took in college, but I am assuming this is a Proctology clinic :) .