This summer I scored this vintage “tulip” table base at a yard sale.  Yes, it’s most definitely a knock-off.  Yes, I would love a Saarinen.  But this one was $5.00 and that fits much more nicely into my budget.  The base needs to be refinished and it needs a new top.  I was planning to repaint it white (just freshen it up, basically) but then the mail came.  I just opened the February (February!) issue of Canada’s Style at Home and saw a RED tulip table.  Hmmmm.  I’ve got plenty of time to make up my mind because this is a summertime project for me, but I’m curious: thoughts on painting this table a colour other than white??
Cost less than a sandwhich.
Don't mind the ratty basement-fixing it up will be a summer DIY project.

Canadian Style at Home February 2011