In the townhouse today, my nose was buried in a book.  But . . .

Does anyone else find it hard to concentrate this time of year?  I don’t even celebrate Christmas, but I find the festiveness makes work less of a priority.  I am making myself focus on my research.  I still have many books to read before the New Year, when I write my comprehensive exams.  These exams decide whether I get to keep doing my PhD (no pressure, or anything).  I think these post-its prove I’ve been working hard, right?  Right?  (Hubby says that I could save money by putting one giant post-it on the front that reads: “re-read this book”.  Ha ha.)  If you see a dust-bunny in my pics (or I'm oddly excited about having found time to dust) and some walls are oddly bare, blame this book and others like it. 

Is anyone else feeling distracted this time of year?  What are your tips to stay focused?