Wow, the painters finished a day early and I spent most of last night putting things back in their place...or changing it up just a little bit. These white walls take a bit of getting used to but I am thrilled! Once I get the the big square hole in the carpet repaired where the fireplace was pulled out I'll be one happy little vegemite! I promise to show you some pictures next week once the chandeliers go up (that's today) and I'm satisfied that I can take some decent photos.  But enough about me...what about you?
Thank you to everyone who entered my little giveaway. 

I'm very pleased to announce that the winner is Ange from Chair Up...
a Kiwi girl living on the Gold Coast...and an awesomely good upholsterer. Now there's a combination for you.  Fling me an email Ange, and let me know your address and I'll pop your things in the post just as soon as the chandeliers are up! For those of you disappointed not to win a knitted dishcloth, I'll be making some more over the holidays...which start at the end of today...yippee :)