I am still agonizing over what kind of bedding would look good with the headboard my grandpa made us (see herehere for pics)

Keeping with the same "bedroom" theme, I thought I'd post a pic of the headboard being made:

This is definitely not the project to try out welding on.  I tried to weld a bit when the headboard was being made and ended up with an unusual abstract lump.  But, if you have the skills already or know someone who can weld, this project wasn't too difficult.  We sketched the pattern and then my grandpa welded the squares and rectangles.  Then, we laid them out to play with the pattern a bit.  It was different to see it to scale, so some changes were made.  Once we liked it, he welded it together with cross pieces and attached to a large frame.  The entire project was made from two different sizes of squared metal tubing and then attached to a metal bed frame we purchased.  My hubby and I painted it matte black, but it could be painted any colour.  Something similar could no doubt be made from wood if woodworking is your bag and then left au naturel or painted a fun, vibrant colour.  Fewer squares would make for a simpler project because the oodles of squares and rectangles took my grandpa quite a few very, very long days to make. 

Köszönöm szépen, Papa!