Tom is a designer and one part of ace design agency Mat Dolphin. He has lived in his flat in Tooting for five years. 
A tidy place is a tidy mind. And Tom’s bedroom is certainly that. However, I thought,  this is too good to be true, so when he said, “Have a look in the Cupboards, if you like?” I was expecting the contents to come tumbling out – like something out of a comedy film. But no, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was quite the opposite.
Unlike a lot of the bedroom people I have photographed, he has the luxury of living in his own place, so his bedroom isn’t so much his world, it is, what it is, ‘his bedroom.’ Like he says, “The bedroom, to me, is a functional space. I tend to relax in the living room. The bedroom is where I go to switch off - it just gets me through to the next day.”
When I asked Tom, what he’d save if his bedroom were on fire? He said, “It would have to be my watch, but the thing I would really want to save is actually in the living room. And without sounding like a massive clich√© designer for liking film posters, I would really want to save my framed Anatomy of a Murder poster by Saul Bass.”

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