photo by: Mina Brinkey

photo by: Mari Eriksson via An Angel At My Table


am beaming with joy and excitement today! Why? It's Friday! Yippee! I heart Fridays because it means 2 things. 1) I can take a looooong nap when I get home without feeling guilty and 2) I can sleep in on Saturday morning. : ) So, it pretty much involves a lot of sleeping. Speaking of sleeping... I overslept this morning by an hour and a half!!! Hour and a half people!! I nearly had a heart attack. I brushed by teeth, got fully dressed, brushed my hair and grabbed everything I needed in 4 minutes! Yes... FOUR MINUTES! I was in my car and zooming to work FOUR minutes after I woke up! I made it to work a minute before we're supposed to be here. Thank GOD I usually leave the house with enough time to be at work about 30 minutes early. Whheeew! It was a close one, but I made it! I'm okay. I got to work safely and it's a great day! So... I leave you with some sunny pictures today. The first pic above is our Christmas card from our family to yours. I got this marvelous chalkboard at one of my favorite boutiques in Tampa - Rosa Linda. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on Rosa Linda and its lovely owner - Staci Rosende. : ) Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Get your last minute shopping done. I still have a couple of things here and there and then I need to wrap them! Many hugs!

Happy Decorating!