For some reason, many (many!) people have felt compelled to tell us our main bathroom is small.  To refresh your memory:

Remember from my earlier post, its a work in progess . . .

I think it is 5x7.  But I have never wished for a larger bathroom.  When we bought the house, I actually bragged about how huge the bathroom is.  “We bought a vanity almost 50 inches long!” I informed by mom excitedly.  When the team installing the bathtub complained how tiny the room was, I stared at them aghast and said, “Are you nuts? This room is huge!!”  I wandered away muttering about their lunacy and they likely did the same.  The bathroom in the home I grew up in (built by my great-grandfather) has a bathroom that fits a sink, a toilet, a bathtub and one person.  So my bathroom is total luxury to me and I’ve never wished for a bigger one (more to clean, I reason).  But today, I am kind of (only kind of) wishing for a larger bathroom, because this vintage drink cart would be so adorable for bathroom towels and toiletries in pretty glass jars.  I have to stop trolling the online classifieds.