Sexy Lamps –

What puts you in the Mod?

Lamps have been cool for me since I was a tadpole. Something about mysterious objects glowing in the night that is like a bit of magic – a firefly, the moon, a Lava Lite as it bubbles lifelike with organic shapes, glow-in-the dark thingys...

Early lamp experiences include a lamp at my Grandparent’s cabin that showed two riverboats racing with smoke and fire magically billowing from metal smokestacks and the river slowly moving – inside the lamp, the heat from the bulb turned an inner cylinder to make magic happen. Wow!

I also recall a nightlight at my Grandmother’s apartment that glowed a terrific aqua moon shape surrounded by tiny pearls. Sweeeet! At least for an 8 year-old.

Anyway, lamps and firelight continue fire my imagination. We plan to design more of them. A LOT more of them. Here is a sampling of some cool muses from my archives.

Shine on! Braxton

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