ow do you get inspired to get out there and Christmas shop? Well, I know that for some of you it's relatively easy. I mean... it is shopping, after all! I don't need much convincing or luring, trust me. However, it's harder for me when it comes to buying for other people. When it's for me... well... duh! I can shop without any hesitation. But, other people... well that can be difficult. Especially when you have the friend who has it all or the relative who isn't pleased with anything. Well, I'm happy to report that Pinterest may be just the inspiration you're searching for. This new website is for the scrapbooker in all of us! It's collage heaven! Users curate collages of their favorite things! Request an invite and get started! Pinterest has started a gift guide. Click here to check it out! Happy browsing!

Happy Decorating!