This post isn't about livin’ in a townhouse but . . . I posted about our DIY Dodge Colt paint job here, and I couldn’t post “before” & “during” pics because they weren’t digital.  But, genius that I am, I took pictures with my digital camera of the pictures that weren’t digital and voilà: pics of us painting my car, way back in the day.  Proof that we are bona fide DIYers ;)

Charlie in 2009

Painting the bumper - 2004

See? Rust issues

Apparently not the right way to tape off a car

See? Blue hatchback issues too . . .
Check out that head of hair on my cutie hubby! 
Its so unfair, he doesn't even want it!!

Apparently a field is not the ideal place,
but its use was free, so the price was right

An "after" shot taken the same year
Now, THIS is a pretty awesome DIY "before & after".  Does this give us serious DIY cred?

Anyone else tackle a waaay too big DIY project and feel totally overwhelmed?  In the weeks it took us to do this, I kept thinking: "I can't believe I ruined my car, I can't believe I ruined my car".