From a "kinda" sad movie... came a big crush...

My crush on the Petrie sofa by Crate & Barrel.

It looks lovely with industrial accents...

mid-century accents...

posh and delish accents. Wait... is "delish" even a word? Maybe it's just me and Rachel Ray who use that one. Although she uses it for food. I use it for outstanding pieces of furniture.


oy to the world! It's Christmas week!!! Yay! : ) Tomorrow is my last day at work and then I'm off for 2 weeks! Yippee!! I heart my job, don't get me wrong. But, I welcome a nice break with open arms. : ) It's a time to recoup, rejoice, spend time with loved ones and be grateful for all of the lovely things this season means.  So many people have approached me with the " What do you want for Christmas?" question and I often reply... "Nothing. Don't get me anything. It's okay. I'm okay." I usually reply this because what I do want is probably too pricey for most people. As generous as they may be. If I could have a brand new sofa... it would be... a Petrie sofa from Crate & Barrel. If I planned on being a recluse and having no life... I would choose it in stark white.  But... I do have a life (thank God). So, white just won't do.  Tan, perhaps? Brown? Hmnnnn..... with some mid-century and industrial accents? Oh! And some amazing accent pillows! Yes! : ) For now... it shall remain in my wishful thinking file. But, someday Petrie! Someday... you and I shall meet. : ) I hope all of you a wonderful and blessed week!!

Happy Decorating!