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love old signs. They're just so nostalgic and bright and fun! Plus they're great subjects for photographs! Blown up and framed, they make great artwork on a wall too. Especially in a mid-century decor. Hopefully everyone's Monday was blessed. I had a fantastic weekend, thank goodness! My mom & I went over to my brother's house and played the new Kinnect. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it. Just amazingly fun!!! Every muscle in my body still hurts! Then, I upgraded my cell phone and got the MyTouch 4G Android. U N B E L I E V A B L E!! My sister lives in Chicago and I live in Florida. So, she went out and got the same phone. We spoke through the video chat mechanism last night and neither of us could stop smiling! It was just a blast! Between the Kinnect and the Android, I began to wonder what kind of rock I've been hiding under for the past 2 years. Holy mac! Well... I guess I should just wave hello to the 21st century and be glad I'm finally here. : ) Did you guys have a great weekend? Anything fun? Okay... until tomorrow kids.
Happy Decorating!