You Light Up My Life

I love Mid-Century lamps! Great for feeding the design mojo for ModHome.

When Yancey and I go antique thrifting--that's not to say we are antique people that are thrifting, but lovely youthful people thrifting for antiques :), we are always on the look for 40's, 50's, and 60's lamps and other accessories that are cool, colorful and unusual.

There are some pretty heart stoppingly UGLY designs from that day, some of which would really set up a room as Mid-Century... But there are a lot of beautiful lamps as well. Personally I dig the unusual ones.

Here's a sampling of some designs I found recently on the Web. Some are beautiful, like the Merano Glass lamp bases, some unusual and some fairly humble designs.

Hope you Enjoy the sample. Shine On! Braxton

Merano Glass bases ROCK!

More Merano Glass Bases!

Great Mid-Century Color

Elongated necks seemed a popular design

A little "Rocket Man" don't you think? Lost in Space...

Bejeweled hanging lamp

Looks like updated shade patterns. Nice!

Vibes a bowling pin style to me...dramatic black

Funky long necked floor lamp rocks. Mid-Century setting.

Two-tier shade story here- popular Mid-Century design with truly ugly base


Very unique design - love it.