Hi everyone. I'll be finding a winner for the totally tranquil bag of gifts later tonight so if you haven't entered, please do...there's vicious competition for those dishcloths :)
My energy is completely sapped at the moment...perhaps it's the smell of paint fumes from the emerging 'almost all white' living room! Only two days to go before I can move my things back in...this is the study at the moment...hmmm. Do you like my irises though? I painted that...well, copied it from a picture in a magazine...but still :)
I am finding myself a bit short of festive cheer and a bit sad that there'll be no decorating here this year what with painters, electricians and a trip north to visit my parents...but I think I can manage a wreath on the door...something like this...
I have some bits and pieces that may include a white feather boa and a hot pink peacock...stay tuned!