So, I found this table curbside a few months ago in my friend's neighborhood.  Thanks for not being embarrassed by my garbage-picking ways, Ashley!  It is solid wood and needs some TLC.  I've been planning a barewood/painted pattern like this table, but maybe with a pretty teal paint and a graphic floral pattern, but then I found the polka dot table (below) on Yvonne Eijkenduijn's blog.  I've been ogling her blog ("blogling" Hubby would say) since yesterday, when I was first introduced to her stunning kitchen. 

Polka dots would look so cute on my little reject table!  I would paint it black and freehand white polka dots, or maybe deep teal with bare wood polka dots.  But a curvy floral pattern would be cute too-something really 1960's.  Now, I'm torn.  Thoughts?