I have been looking for an old bench or coffee table to repaint and recover to use in our bedroom.  We currently pile all the non-essential pillows on the floor when it is bedtime and I want to give them a proper home when they're not dressing up the bed.  Well, today I found this baby:

Apparently, this is a 1920's washtub stand with all original pieces & parts.  I think it is stamped "Beatty Bros Limited, Fergus, Canada".  So cool!  I just contacted the seller to find out the dimensions.  Hopefully it will fit the space (and hasn't sold yet).  It is $60 OBO.  Going try for less, but frankly I hate haggling on little things.  Car? Sure. House? Sure. $20 vase? Not as excited to haggle.  But Martha Stewart does it, so I'll do it too.  Maybe.  Do you like haggling?