leather camera strap by hideindustry - $35
print by ishootnouns - $18
owl mug by abbyberkston - $35

owl cell phone pouch by frauleinschmidt - $15

laptop sleeve by ribandhull - $60

Kindle sleeve by mariforssell - $45

elephant laptop bag by Womensgirl - $49

B loggers are near and dear to my heart... : ) Maaayyybe because I am one?? So, I figured... if I'm going to create a gift guide, I would probably be best at creating it for a type of person I know! Bloggers! Bloggers are attached to their computers, obviously. Plus, they are probably tuned into Twitter and Facebook as well, which means they... more likely than not, have some sort of social media on their cool phones. Of course, not everyone has that. I know, because I've been blogging since 2007 and I just now got the Internet on my cell phone. They probably author their blogs alongside a nice cup of tea or coffee (hence the owl mug) and they are also probably big readers (hence the Kindle/electronic book reader cozy). They usually like snapping pictures too... soooooo.... a camera strap would be nice. : ) Lastly, they do tend to spend a lot of time at their desks, so a bit of artwork wouldn't hurt either. I hope you enjoyed today's etsy picks! Was everyone's Tuesday awesome? I was reeeaaaally hoping my camera would arrive by UPS today. But, no luck. : ( In the meantime, I've just been snapping pictures of our dog Luke with the phone... see below. Such a looker! Until tomorrow!

Happy Decorating!