I won’t lie, I keep this baby up all year and it has been a permanent fixture in our home and previous rental for more than three years.  I love corralling the cards and memorabilia I’m not yet ready to put away in one pretty place.  But for others, this might be a good idea just for the holidays.  You could paint it to suit your decorating colour scheme (or paint it to clash!)
In any case, it is a super easy DIY with lots of opportunity for personalizing.  I started off with a hideous retro gold frame and painted it a warm white.  But you could use any frame that fits your style, what you have on hand or even make your own frame if you’re extra ambitious.  Scroll down for the "how-to" . . .

The finished product

Piece of foam core, cut to fit inside your frame
Thin gauge wire/carpet thread/embroidery floss (to “sew” on button)
Large needle or awl (to pierce foam core)
Small framing nails or staples

  1. Lightly sand, prime and paint your frame to suit
  2. Cut your foam core to fit (or use very thin plywood)
  3. “Upholster” the foam core, pulling your fabric tightly around the edges and glue in place
  4. Arrange ribbon in a random/grid pattern and affix to back of board using glue                            
  5. *Note: we didn’t wrap the ribbon tightly enough and they stretched a bit so pull super tight!
  6. Select where you want the buttons to go (where two ribbons cross) and pierce the foam core
  7. “Sew” on the button, using the thin wire or carpet thread and tie off at the back
  8. Insert finished board into frame and affix using staples, or small nails

The cats were suspicious

The painting got a new frame (but no new home-yet)

After I made mine, I saw a version in a House & Home.  They did something a bit different and covered a bulletin board with paper which, I think, doesn’t give you the flexibility to shuffle stuff around (eventually the paper will be very holey) but it might work for you.  Their styling is much better than mine—it looks so pretty over the mantel with colour coordinated cards and props.  I have mine plonked on a wall, in the hall.    


House & Home November 2007

House & Home - so stylishly accessorized

Try a pop of colour!
House & Home April 2004