I think I am really leaning toward white and soft grey or just a crisp white.  The DwellStudio duvet set I love has grey & cream plus a shot of green.  The options below from Pioneer Linens (more info here) and Area Home (more info here) are more muted.  But I'm sensing a theme in my selection, so I know I'm closer to a decision.  Winning the lottery would ease this decision in a profound way.     

Parterre Bed Linens by Pioneer Linens
So totally out of our price range, but so pretty . . . you can get your own monogram!

Pins Grey by Area Home

More affordable monogrammed options can be found at Restoration Hardware (see here) and Williams Sonoma Home (see here):

Monogram Italian Hotel Satin Stitch White Bedding
by Restoration Hardware

White Solid Border by Williams Sonoma Home

A memory refresher (for me, mostly): headboard, lamps, curtains + what bedding?
If you are curious about my previous agonizing over bedding, see herehere & here.
Anyone else have this much trouble finding the right bedding for their headboard?