I'm writing this on Sunday evening...totally knackered after a very full on weekend. Much of Saturday was spent at the Canberra Handmade Markets where I met the lovely Jennie, aka Posie of Posie Patchwork. She is even nicer in person than she is in the bloggy world :)
And I managed to get a bit of Christmas shopping done...if only I'd taken the camera!
And yesterday was spent completing these bookmarks...
One for each book club member...the last book club of the year at my place tonight!

As usual, something that was easy enough in my head took much longer to execute than I'd planned...still, I loved making them for special people...and it is Christmas after all :) 
But can someone please steer me in the direction of a quick and simple craft!!
And...you'll be pleased to know that the chandeliers were dropped off for rewiring as well in preparation for them to go up next week...the same day the painters start! That's only taken me six months...no point rushing these things now is there :)