ood & Wool Stool is a company based out of the Netherlands and headed by Ms. Ingrid Jansen. I've been drooling over Ingrid's creations for a couple of years now. I see pictures of her adorable stools time and time again on different blogs. Once I saw her little Christmas tree creations, I just knew I'd have to feature her on here because it's such a clever idea! Re-purposed wood is boho chic at its greatest! Aside from nifty Christmas trees and stools, Ingrid also creates crocheted blankets, pillows, garlands, picture frames, signs and hangers. Want to order something? Check out her website here. You can also keep up with Ingrid on her blog or on her Flickr page, where all these lovely images were borrowed from. : ) Thanks Ingrid! ; ) How was your Wednesday? I had an awesome Wednesday! I mean... AWESOME! Not only did I get my new digi cam in the mail today... but I WON a raffle I entered on Sunday!! A lovely gift basket from a local boutique named Rosa Linda. Check out their Facebook page here! Once I pick it up, I'll snap some pics and post them on here. : ) Needless to say, I had a superb day! : ) It's been so great that I almost don't care that our heater isn't working... almost don't care... a..l..m..o..s..t. I'm freezing my butt off! I hope we get it fixed pronto! Okay... 'nough rambling. Here's some pics I took with the new cam. These are of my favorite ornaments on our Christmas tree. : ) Enjoy!
Happy Decorating!

Vintage ornaments from my left over from my shop's inventory last winter.

Ceramic angel made by my super talented mother-in-law. : ) Isn't she pretty?

I bought this a couple of years ago because it looks just like my Cocoa. : )

One of my favorite ornaments. The beach ball vintage glass ornament. : ) Classic.

Ornament made by my husband when he was a little boy. : )

This is a Gator home. : )

My absolute favorite ornament! The little elf. Circa 1950s. Passed down to us by my lovely mother-in-law. : )