Remember this work in progress?  Click here and here for pictures of us renovating the main bathroom and fixing this one up.  This room is waaay more impressive if you've seen the ghastly "before".  Its still a work in progress.  I think the art needs to be moved lower and added to, plus we need a new towel bar.  But I think I found one!  For anyone considering black fixtures, note that it can be really tricky, even with the worldwide web, to find matching pieces.  This faucet was one of three black vessel sink faucets that would work, and the only one under $100 ($78, originally nearly $300.  Woot woot).  The black drain was the only one I found for vessel sinks.  And the towel bar I am excitedly posting is the only black one I have found that isn't ornate.  Plus, black seems consistently more expensive than other finishes.  Sometimes double or triple the price, even on sale.  If someone has another source, please (please!) share. 

So . . .  thoughts?  Scroll down and tell me, will the towel bar suit the space?  Also, is it too high, as is?  We kept it where the original bar was (approximately).  But in the pictures it seems oddly high.

New addition?
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