So, apparently I cannot stop winter from coming.  It is snowing as I type.  Sigh.  On to Plan B: lots of toasty fires.  Our firewood holder is another vicarious DIY project courtesy of my grandpa.  He welded this firewood holder and matching set of fireplace tools.  I love the simple lines and just how much wood it can hold.  Hauling up firewood from the basement is nobody's favorite job.

If you don't have an awesome grandpa to weld you your own firewood holder, there are a ton of really fun options available at places like this (see pics below) or try repurposing a big vintage washing tub or doughbox--anything you can fit some logs into, really.

This one is a little like mine

Too genius for words!

For keeping piles of firewood neat, try this firewood storage rack from Lee Valley.  The metal frames act like bookends that you attach to 2x4's you provide.  Luckily, we have enough debris (moving suuplies, boxes of scrap lumber, a cooler) in our basement to act as "bookends" but if you have a neater basement than us (or store your wood outside), this could come in handy.

If you're considering buying a home with a wood burning fireplace, check out this post about what we wish we'd known.