I'm not decorating this year for two reasons: I just had the living room painted and I'm enjoying its pristineness (yes of course that's a word!) and we're all heading off to various places for Christmas and goodness knows what the vampire slayer would do with a tree while we weren't here :)
So a wreath on the front door will have to do...
made from these...
a wreath loaned by my friend Chris (I have one the same...we bought them at Ikea years ago...but I only have a vague idea where I've stashed mine), three feather boas from Homebase and a hot pink peacock decoration from Big W.
It did look like the great chicken massacre of 2010 had taken place on the dining table while I was in the process of putting this together though! There's something a bit perverse about a feather wreath at Christmas don't you think...probably why I like it!
But in a more traditional vein, the peace clay tags I made a week or so ago found a home on this mirror.
Sorry about the less than brilliant photos, but today, all I've been thinking about is Jane's operation...wishing, hoping, praying that it all goes brilliantly well. 
And yes indeed, there will be moon wishing going on tonight in Canberra.