Read about the Most Expensive Laptop in the world 2010: $1,000,000

Laptop is one of the most important part of modern life. Buying laptop is becoming a symbol of your wealthy. You may consider to buy most expensive laptop in the world to show your level of wealthy. These most expensive laptops are very rich because of their specification, prestige or the material used to produce the laptop. Let’s take a look at the most expensive laptop in the world.

The title says it all. You should own $1 million to own this laptop. This laptop is made to order and you will get your own design and specification. You can also order from what kind of material your laptop will be made. You can choose from wood, metal or iron. This laptop is also designed so the owner can upgrade the hardware themself. This laptop is equipped with 128 solid State drive, MP3 player, built in USB stick and equipped with “integrated screen cleaning feature”.

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