Here’s a list of most expensive cities in the world. These expensive cities become that expensive for various reason. From the raise of currency value to the scarcity of the human need that provided by those cities. If you live in these cities, maybe you can consider moving to other cheaper cities. But if you have no choice or maybe get an order of relocation to these cities from your boss, then you have to be prepared to know how to live cheaper in these most expensive cities in the world.

10. Singapore

Singapore is a town country which only has a total area of 700 square kilometers. It is ranked the tenth most expensive city in world. The town is small but has a different lifestyle.
  • The average one-bedroom rental ranging SIN $ 600 per month or more in the suburban area.
  • The cost of electricity, water and internet SIN $ 300 per month or more for single family
  • Including the very high car prices, the average vehicle tax from SIN $ 1,000 or more annually. And the average cost of parking ranges from SIN $ 150 per month.
  • For meals, Singapore may be said quite friendly range average SIN $ 5 or more to eat and drink.
9. Beijing, China

Beijing is the capital of China. One of the densely populated cities in Asia that giving convenience of investing so attract many foreign investors to come and invest to China.
  • Average rent of an apartment in the downtown ranges from RMB7000 (including electricity and water / utility costs)
  • Dining in Beijing is over RMB20 range for one meal
  • Daily international newspaper-ranging RMB25, a glass of coffee (medium restaurants) ranged RMB 35, a packet of food (burgers, potatoes and soda water) or more approximately RMB18
8. New York, USA

New York, the United States is the most expensive city compared to all other US cities. This city that never sleeps has the nickname of The Big Apples. It is the destination of people from various parts of the world.
  • Average rent for apartment with two good bedrooms starting around US $ 4000 per month.
  • Utilities fees range from US $ 250 per family, standard family meals (4 persons) ranged up monthly cost $ 1000.
  • International paper per issue of US $ 1.8, glass coffee from US $ 3, and packets of food (burger + potato + sodas) for US $ 5.
7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a unique and distinctive city in Denmark. It is a place of typical Danish products sales. Quality of life in this city is one of the best in the world.
  • Average-cost of home rental in the suburbs of Copenhagen ranged from US $ 2.500 per month.
  • Meals is expensive, especially when eating in restaurants the standard per person with two meals plus drinks range from US $ 80 or more. If you do not eat out for meal, It will cost around U.S. $ 200 upwards for two adults per week.
  • Monthly costs for electricity, telephone and internet range from a minimum of US $ 200 or more per month.
  • Cost transport such as taxis quite expensive, short trips use a taxi will cost about US $ 50.
6. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is one of the city in Switzerland. This city that has alpine mountains is a beautiful city for tourism. Lower taxes lead to many investors who invest in stocks.
  • The cost of apartment rental outside the city without an elevator is starting from US $ 1500 per month.
  • Utilities fees range from US $ 200 per family, standard family meals (4 persons) ranged from USD800 per month or more
  • Monthly train pass is US $ 90, oil is very expensive. It costs about US $ 1.6 per litre.
  • Dining out in the restaurant for two people range from standard to US $ 300, three menus plus wine.
5. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is has an area of 1100 km2 and is inhabited by around 6.88 million. The town is densely populated that cause expensive housing.
  • Rental cost in HK is expensive, with average of about US $ 1,500 per month.
  • Utilities fees ranging from US $ 100-150 per family.
  • Some economic cost that can be found in Hong Kong is value meal from McDonald HK $ 22.80, chocolate Snickers from the mini-24h supermarket 7-11 HK $ 6.00, a set of food from a place selling ordinary food (rice + dishes + drink) HK $ 50, average beer at the local pub around HK $ 20, CENTRAL to Causeway Bay with octopus card HK $ 4.40, to cross from the pier Central to Tsim Sha Tsui using Star Ferry cost HK $ 1.70.
4. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is the second-most-populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich) and is the most populous city of Romandie (the French-speaking part of Switzerland). Situated where the Rhône River exits Lake Geneva (in French also known as Lac Léman), it is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. Geneva is a global city, a financial centre, and a worldwide centre for diplomacy and the most important international co-operation centre with New York because of the presence of numerous international organizations, including the headquarters of many of the agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross. It is also the place where the Geneva Conventions were signed, which chiefly concern the treatment of wartime non-combatants and prisoners of war.
  • Average rent for apartment with three bedrooms starting around US $ 3000
  • The three family meal cost around US $ 1200 per month
  • Health-insurance costs must be quite expensive to US $ 800.
  • Cost for children who want to go to college based on the estimated cost of the department of local: accommodation around US $ 400 up to 650 (per room in a hostel or rental individually per flat), food monthly cost of about US $ 450, transport by tram or bus around US $ 100-170, books and support materials for learning about US $ 100, other costs of US $ 400 other. So the cost for his/her monthly needs about USD $ 1500 to 1800.
3. Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia. Ranked third most expensive city in the world. This “Red Bear” city is a 25% contributor to the Russian domestic oil. Sport areas, recreation and clothing is expensive in this city.
  • Average rent for apartment, not yet furnished with two luxurious bedrooms, is starting around US $ 4500
  • Utilities fees range from US $ 250 per family, standard family meals (3 persons) cost ranges from US $ 500 upwards monthly
  • International paper per issue of US $ 5.5, glass coffee from US $ 9 ( most expensive cup of coffee compare to other countries), and package food burger + potato + sodas US $ 5.
  • Dining-out costs would swell the normal monthly family expenditure to 2-3 times.
2. Osaka, Japan

Osaka is in the same Island with Tokyo in Japan. Osaka is the second most expensive city in the world after Tokyo. Many tourist sites located in this town. Transportation and home furnishings tools are expensive in this city.

Cost of living in Osaka is number two in the world near to Tokyo because the area has many large companies head office, such as Mitshubishi, Mizuno, Panasonic, Sanyo and Sharp. Salary  is very high so it cause increasing land price and also the cost of living. Cost of living in Osaka compare to Tokyo is quite the same expensive.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the costliest city in the world. The City has an area of 2187 km square and there are more than 13 Millions people on it. It’s the most populated city in the world. The city often hit by earthquakes so it’s not allowed to build a skyscraper. The cost of living in Tokyo that is also the capital of Japan is very expensive.
  • Average rent for apartment not yet furnished with two luxurious bedrooms starting around US $ 4.500
  • International paper per issue of US $ 1, a glass coffee from US $ 5, and package food of burger + potato + sodas for US $ 5.
  • The cost of eating out, in expensive restaurants meals ranging from ¥ 13,000 / $ 108 / £ 55 without drinks, while the restaurant of medium range ¥ 4000 to 9000 yen ($ 33 – $ 75 / £ 17 – £ 38), and a cheap average of 4000 yen ($ 33 / £ 17 to less than 2000 yen ($ 17 / £ 8.40). 
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