If you've read the 'about me' blurb on this blog you'll have seen that I'm part owner and co-founder of a company...a company we're all pretty pleased with. But I've made a conscious decision not to write about my paid work. This blog, while very much a part of me, as is my work of course...is separate to that bit of my life...mostly. But today I'm making an exception.
I've just returned from Sydney, where last night I was extremely proud to represent my company as the sponsor for the Marist Youth Care annual art prize that we've been supporting for a few years now. 
We donated a laptop and cash prizes for the kids...not much in the big scheme of things really...not from this very privileged position where I sit. But it meant a lot to MYC and the kid who won the laptop was over the moon. And it got me thinking about how privileged most of us are in comparison.

It was very different art from the slick graphic design of the night before at Ben's graduation...not that I am for one minute belittling that, because it was truly fabulous...but the juxtaposition of the two events hit me full on. Last night's exhibition was raw, emotional, sometimes downright painful as the kids (and some adults) poured out their lives and feelings on canvas, in photographic images, through sculpture and words.
And these are tough lives we're talking about. Really tough. Little, if nothing in the way of privilege. 
So, yet again, in that odd way of the more you have the more you get, I felt that the privilege last night was all mine...the privilege of meeting 'at risk' kids who are trying, giving it a go, often struggling...but hopefully, getting there...with the help of some truly impressive staff and volunteers. The privilege of being part of helping in a small way. The privilege of representing my company.
this is the winning art work
And I also have to take my hat off to the Wentworth Gallery at 17 Bligh Street in the centre of Sydney (one of three galleries)...because they gave over half of their gallery space for nothing for the period of the exhibition. Too cool.
And the last thing I want to do is get all preachy on you...but the next time I'm worried about life changing decisions like what type of bedlinen to buy, or which bottle of wine I might try, or what book I might choose...I'll try and think back to last night and remember how blessed I am. And how blessed my kids are (although they might not always think so!) And about the young winner who has spent too many years doing it tough, who was so chuffed to win and how all he really wanted to do was tell his gran. And that, he most certainly did.
If you wanted to help this great not-for-profit organisation you can find ways of doing that here.

And on a completely different note, yesterday while I was in Sydney and out of touch with the bloggy world, Simone of Honey and Fizz posted my answers to 12 questions...pop on over and say hi, and get to know a bit more about me if you're so inclined. My answers aren't earth shattering by any means, but it was fun, so thank you Simone :)
Happy weekend to you all...
first two images courtesy MYC; others taken by my camera...operated by me or Jan...thanks Jan!