Yesterday morning, Mark and I said "Let's go to Austin!" Without any prior preparation we took off. It was a great time and I came back with treats. I happened upon this Artful cottage. when I took a wrong turn. (Sometimes mistakes are wonderful, eh?)
I only saw the exterior, but I knew the interior would have to be just as fantastic and it is. Hooray! Look at this place. At less than 1000sqft. its tiny, but who wouldn't be willing to make the sacrifice? Of course, the price tag is for you to make a decision about. Sorry, I can't help you there:(

Whoever photographed this house, I would like to say, bravo! These shots are amazing. I'm imagining framing the photo above and hanging it as art. Love it. (P.S. if you're wondering why I didn't take photos myself as I usually do. We left so suddenly, I didn't get to pack up my camera. I felt naked all day)

How many fantastic parties, could happen out here, I wonder?
The second treat is this little yellow house. Another mini house with lots of personality. I don't think this photo shows it so well, but the pretty color scheme really pops. Especially, that fantastic red door. I love driving around Austin neighborhoods because the houses are so unique and imaginative. I always feel inspired when I return home.

Another thing I love about the little yellow house is that it faces Sparky Park. I had never heard of it until yesterday, but I'm smitten with it now. It was built by converting a former substation into a piece of public art. I recommend stopping by if you are in the neighborhood.