The art of Brian Andreas ( comes to mind as I contemplate my day job, working for an old school industry in decline, and facing a nation in decline, a planet in decline.
Not the Damn Happy? True. But, what fires me up - and this IS the damn happy - is the potential we have to design a better future.
Better, greener, more beautiful and inspiring products, a better government, better companies. Our time is now.
To do this we have to move forward, not backward. We need to challenge greed and break old paradigms, choose love over fear, light over darkness. We need to inspire and nurture the new. The new need friends.
Generation X and Y have an amazing opportunity to design a better world, perhaps like no other generation in history. The boomers are aging out, and Generation X and Y have seen the puppet masters behind the curtain, we've seen the strings. We are better educated and better informed than any other generation before us, and that bodes well. A well informed citizenry in essential to a healthy democracy.
We want to make a better world. Each ugly product screams for redesign. Each broken company or industry needs new minds, new ideas, new products,and new innovation to thrive again. Our government needs new ideas.
The coolness is the world IS changing. Not always for the better, but over time, we DO evolve. Just looking back to the 60's, (which we love from a design perspective) America was so much less evolved in terms of civil rights alone.
It requires imagination to see a better product, a better company, and better government, a better world. If we fail, it will be a failure of imagination.

I love the work of Brian Andreas of Storypeople. I love the colorful childlike drawings and innocent wisdom. Yancey and I discovered him in a gallery in Lexington, VA. Please visit and enjoy his art at

Shine on!