Enjoy the Most Expensive Vase!

The Ming Dynasty ruled China from 1368 to 1644. That era in Chinese history saw the creation of a startling amount of carved lacquerwares, glazed porcelain wares, embroidered silks and works of art in a variety of other materials. The Empire of the Great Ming also produced a great number of forgeries designed to part unsuspecting purchasers from their wealth. This was such a problem, in fact, that guides were printed to help detect such forgery. We can be, then, that the world’s most expensive vase is quite authentic.

Hailing from the time of Hongwu, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, the expensive vase was most recently purchased at auction by Steve Wynn. The Las Vegas casino owner and insatiable art collector is often criticized by the art community for paying high prices for second-rate pieces, but this purchase is certainly an exception. The 14th century vase is decorated in copper red scrolling flowers and is, well preserved as it is, quite rare.

Mr. Wynn purchased the most expensive vase in the world at the Christie’s Imperial Sale in Hong Kong for 78,520,000 Hong Kong dollars (over $10 million USD). Rather than keep it locked away in his private collection, however, he returned the vase to China by donating it to a Macau museum.

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