First there was this:  the famous Yves Klein blue
Then there was this:  Kate Middleton in her blue dress
Then this:  Lisa Perry's house in the hamptons
Which all led to this: My soon to be blue and white guest room. OK, so I've changed my mind.  A while back I mentioned that I had chosen a color combination for my guest room, yellow and white.  But that was before.  Before the dream I had where Tom Ford asked me to redecorate his new house, and I did it all in Yves Klein blue, and he loved it.  Before the engagement of Kate and Wills.  Before I fell head over hells for this color.  Could you just die?
So, let me walk you through a little DIY project Braxton and I did this weekend.  These are two of the metal panels which I have blogged about before.  They are a steel grey.
Here is the paint we used.  It's a high gloss oil paint, the color is Laura Ashley Sapphire #6, and it's as close to YK blue as I could find.
Here they are hung on the wall pre-painted.
And here they are being painted.  We will be putting the bed along this wall under the panels, and hopefully it will be fabulous. 

I'll continue to post on the redecoration of our new room as things move along. 

Thanks for bearing with my while I learn the new system here at blogspot - it's a little awkward for now.