Hello blogsters. Today I have a treat for you, and a little break from me :) The fabulous Julie-Ann...she of Decorating Forum fame...has agreed to take over the tranquil townhouse for a day. This post, about the perfect parent's retreat, was based on a Forum discussion.  Over to you Julie-Ann...I may have put my 10 cents worth in as well though...can't help myself...sorry!!
There are times when as parents we crave a little bit of time out. We need a place of our own where the floor isn’t scattered with toys and the television isn’t playing The Wiggles. [or if you're living in the townhouse, old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...yes, that is who that pesky cat is named after!]

We asked the members of the Decorating Forum – When creating a Master Bedroom/ Parent’s Retreat what would you like included? On the Decorating Forum we love to chat about decorating, renovating and building our homes. We bounce ideas around, help with decorating dilemmas and have a giggle.

Starting at the basics you will need some beautiful bed linen with gorgeous cushions on top...
We loved the idea of having a comfortable place to sit and read or chat with Decorating Forum friends on your laptop...
Your wardrobe needs to have plenty of storage so all of your clothes, shoes and handbags can be stored neatly. And of course there has to be plenty of room to add just one more pair of shoes or handbag... [whoa...that's an awful lot of shoes and boots Imelda-Ann!]
A spa in that beautiful little courtyard off the bedroom would be lovely...
A cupboard stocked with high quality chocolate is a must...[Really? Oh, ok then...]
Remember how the 22 year old came to stay for " only a few weeks mum" about 7 months ago...even with grown up kids you need a parental sanctuary it seems. My bedroom makeover isn't far away...I may have to rethink a few things after this though!

When creating a Master Bedroom/ Parent’s Retreat what would you want included?

[My answer? Not this....]
Thank you Julie-Ann...chocolate food for thought here. And while you're pondering your answer, head on over to the Decorating Forum and sign up. I have!