Meet Francisco Goya. Man's man, ladies man, man about town. His hobbies include horseback riding, archery, and oil painting. You may be familiar with this beauty. Meet Maja. Did you know that our friend Goya also painted miss Maja nude?

Here, take a gander.
Fast forward to last Christmas. After weeks of playing around with an idea for naughty/nice decor, Braxton decided to experiment. He copied each of the Maja's and framed them. Then he glued the frames back to back with a blue ribbon to hang them with. Are you getting the potential for naughty/nice here??

Now, one cooould in theory use this idea to convey a secret message. Such as...

I'm feeling like a nice girl today.

Or, I'm feeling like a naughty girl today. Just saying.
Get the picture? Gosh, I slay me.